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Learn By Doing

Hands-on learning is learning by doing. It involves the process of teaching students how to observe things around them and ask questions. In hands-on learning, students gain knowledge from performing activities with their hands rather than receiving information from books or lectures.

Beyond the Toys

STEM toys can enrich children’s developing cognitive skills, such as their logical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking. STEM-related activities teach children more than just memorizing facts and figures. Children learn valuable skills that are useful throughout their lives.


How To Register Your Child for Smart STEM

For the registration, you can make it via phone call and email

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STEM Toys Retail Sales

We offer different STEM toys to fulfill your children’s aspiration to enhance their STEM knowledge and unleash their talents and creativity. Click on the following link to browse our selections.

Hydraulic lift dump truck model

Potato Clock

Solar Robot

Crystal Growing

Piston hydraulic excavator model

Weather Station

Kidz Labs

Unicorn Crystal Terrarium

DIY ukulele

Kidz Robotix

Mobile Avion Solaire

Leather Bag

STEM Workshops

We provide various STEM workshops to your children. They include making piston hydraulic excavator model, hydraulic lift dump truck model and unique design ukulele etc. More interesting workshops to come.


Piston hydraulic excavator workshop

Kids build their own evacuator model and learn some knowledge about hydraulic transmission, then simulate themselves as operator to control the machine.

Robot crawler workshop

Kids build motor-powered robots that walk (and even race) to explore linkages, friction, and mechanical energy. They really enjoy the robot building and experiment with variables, test the results and had findings.





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Telephone: (902) 432-2411

Email: info@smart-stem.ca

School Hours: Mon – Fri : 10:00am – 5:00pm, Sat: By appointment